Magento2 eCommerce Supports iOS and Android Apps

Put your products where your customers will see them, let your customers experience true mobile eCommerce with Magento2. Create branded native storefront apps on iPhone, iPad and Android that seamlessly integrate with your online store and give your customers the exprerience they deserve.

DPS - Payment Express Credit Card Gateway

DPS or Payment Express as they are more commonly known are a professional and high end payment gateway provider. Leading NZ and internationally with their robust and highly secure transaction services, DPS provide our eCommerce clients peace of mind and total security. We have been implementing DPS for over 4 years using Magentoa eCommerce and in various other development instances. Support for our work from DPS has been outstanding and their customer service has been a testimony to the service they supply.

First Security - Mobile Responsive Website Design Launched

First Security has become one of our first major clients to get a brand new website designed and developed on Joomla 3.0. We worked with the First Security team to produce a mobile responsive and optimised website design on the new Joomla Bootstrap framework. The end result has been exceptional and First Security are impressed with the feedback they are getting from visitors using mobile devices.

Escape Haven - Responsive Website Design Launched

Previously known as Surf Haven, Escape Haven is the new and improved brand and business run by Janine Hall. Janine approached our team to redevelop and design her website onto Joomla to give her the freedom and ownership that her existing proprietary software website did not. We worked with Janine to evaluate her objectives and where she wanted to take her business with her new brand. After reviewing her existing site we confirmed that she needed a clean, modern and professional look with clear pathways to convert customers who wanted to book online. We also quickly recognised the need for mobile responsive website design as her target demographic are heavy users of smart phones and smart tablet devices.

Struggling To Find the Right Words and Writing Website Content?

We can help! MediaCore has the skills and experience to assist you with finding words that work. While pictures say a thousand words, the words you choose to promote your products and services, engage with your customers and the wider audience of potential customers packs a powerful punch. Great copy on your website will allow you to inform, engage, sell and rank in search engine results.

A Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimisation by Moz

Search engine optimisation is a topic often discussed by digital agencies and website designers, but few do really understand the various aspects to SEO. We find that alot of our customers talk to us about SEO, but most struggle to understand what it is, why they need it and why it costs so much. For the first part of this blog we want to quickly address what Search Engine Optimisation means and is.

Why a Magento2 eCommerce Website And How to Generate Results.

Buying online is now fast becoming the most preferred option for many consumers. Every business that promotes or sells a unique or sought after product should have an online presence where their customers can buy their product online. Every year eCommerce sales climb higher and higher for NZ, thus further proving that any business should consider investing into a online sales asset, an eCommerce Magento2 website.

Worried About Duplicate Website Content Penalties?

Having duplicate content on your Magento2 website is something that any internet marketing professional will tell you is a big no no. Not just due to the fact it will hurt your rankings in Google's search index, but also because your visitors don't want to see repeated content either. In this blog post we have embedded a youtube clip direct from Matt Cutt's, who is the head of webSpam on Google's search engine.

FREE 7 - Point Strategic eCommerce Marketing Plan

Are you serious about getting an eCommerce website? Then we can help you more than the next company. We will be supplying a FREE 7 Point Strategic eCommerce Marketing Plan, with all our eCommerce websites created between now and the end of 2014. Think we have gone mad? No, we just take our customer's eCommerce website success very seriously.

The Top 10 Magento2 Extensions to Supercharge Your Store

Do you want to supercharge your Magento2 ecommerce store? Are you searching for ways to save time completing admin work, improve your SEO and enhance your marketing efforts? Then this article is for you, here is our take on the top 10 Magento2 Extensions that will drastically improve your store and help you save time on your backend editing and management as well as enhance your marketing.
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