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What is web development in simple english? Web development is the time consuming task of structuring and then developing your website’s design, Content Management and eCommerce system to achieve your websites requirements. Web development also includes tasks such as content development, this may include applying custom code or functions to content. Our team is highly skilled in a range of web development languages to perform a multitude of functions. Get a quote here.

Are Web Development and Web Design Linked?

How does your web design affect the development?

A professional web design should not affect a refined web development process, but poor design can have a negative effect on a number of web development aspects, from usability and user friendliness stand-points to content aspects.

Our web design services reflect our proven web development process to ensure we encounter zero issues and that the web visitor is always the focus. Any web functions that we include in your web development will also be mocked up in the web design we produce, this ensures your unique features look the part and fit-in with the website design.

Our Web Development Services

How do our development services work?

Our web development services are structured to be simple, cost effective and comprehensive. You are kept in the loop on where your project is on its timeline and communication with our team can be 100% face-to-face. Our in-house web project management system helps us manage many web development projects per month, this ensures all our projects are on time and delivered correctly.

Communication works both ways, and we encourage our customers to get involved and test all our work before payment.

Web Development and Deadlines

How long does your web development take?

Our web development deadlines depend 100% on what you want, and how big your web development requirements are going to be.
We work to your custom web development brief which is created during a face-to-face consultation, this step is essential for us to quote on your work and give you estimated timelines.

Should anything change with the timeline of your web development project, we communicate with you constantly so any deviations will be made known to you. To start the consultation process and get your quote for your web project click Here.

Web Development And Browser Compatibility

This development aspect is one we take seriously, the differences in the way the most popular browsers work can mean certain functions or design that is created in development could look different.

Our team has been trained to test the most popular web browsers on the market, and ensure that our websites function correctly across them. This will ensure that your target markets who use the various web browsing platforms on the different operating systems such as Windows or Apple Mac will see the same visual and functional experience.

Web Development Compatibility for IE Web Development Compatibility for Firefox Web Development Compatibility for Google Chrome Web Development Compatibility for Safari Web Development Compatibility for Apple Opera

Market share of the top 5 web browsers are as per the order above from left to right.

Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists

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