Exhibit Group


  • Web application design
  • Web application development on Joomla CMS
  • Product catalogue
  • Booking system
  • Customer booking history
  • Automated email notifications
  • Customer account management
  • Statistical reporting
  • Online payment

Exhibit Group is a display management business which specialises in the design, production, storage and maintenance of display systems or Exhibits.

Exhibit will produce a full range of display systems for their customers who can then use these to promote and market themselves at conventional business expo’s or at locations of customer interaction.

Exhibit was put in touch with our team as their existing DMS (Display Management System) was no longer supported by their developer and was in need of complete redesign and development.

Exhibit was looking for a company and web application that would take their business to the next level and add real value to their customers they had acquired. This project was a full design and development of a custom website and integrated database built on a Joomla CMS platform.