MediaCore operates with a very efficient, tight-knit, and highly professional team. We have a senior professional for every aspect of web production from Front End design, Front End interface development, Back End custom development, and project management. Every team member has industry experience in their field of expertise which makes us a highly qualified team and means you get the best professionals our industry can offer.

We specialise in the design and development of cutting edge eCommerce Websites, Business Websites, and bespoke Web Applications for businesses who need custom written applications to maximise growth, efficiency, and ultimately increase profits.

We develop all of our websites on successful and proven software platforms, libraries and frameworks based on Open Source technology.

We use Magento for eCommerce websites, Joomla Content Management System for Business websites, and PHP/MySQL for bespoke Application Development.

Our Proven Website Processes

Our team's core strengths are in our consultation, design, and development processes, where we pay careful attention to details and what you require, and following that we deliver a high quality product targeted to meet your needs.

Understanding and listening to our clients is what we see as being the most important above all, and as a result we meet important objectives and achieve the desired results for all our clients.

Our Mission

MediaCore’s mission is to provide, through our expertise, unparalleled solutions to our customers to enable them to enjoy success in the online market.

We strive to ensure we bring to our clients the most professional, innovative, customer focused, and results driven solutions.

User Interface (UI) Website Designers for eCommerce and Business

Our website designers are all senior designers with more than 10 years’ experience in the design and web design industry. We can facilitate all your design requirements in house. We will work with you to ensure the visual concepts we produce match your business objectives and enable your website to achieve the results your website deserves.

User Interface (UI) Website Developers

We have a team of senior and expert website developers who can produce user friendly and cross platform compatible user interfaces. Our Website Developers are experienced programmers who employ advanced programming techniques to build highly functional web applications using open source frameworks.

Project Management and Consulting

We have highly experienced consultants who can work with you on your project from planning stages through to completion. Through our objective focused consultation methods our project manager will work with you to deliver your business objectives, and enable your website to achieve the results you are searching for.

Our Work