Web Application Development – PHP/MySQL

Time, Money and Resources, Three Key aspects you can Save with our Powerful and Dynamic Web Application Development services.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a web based software/program that completes, or helps complete a specific task.

Web applications are well renown to improve your businesses efficiencies in a range of categories. Whether it be human resource, monetary management and tracking of staff or objectives, a web application will fit easily into your business and improve your processes.

Our team has a specialist approach to our web applications, this is part of our consultation process and it is a important part that helps us to address challenges in your current business processes and then eliminate downfalls with a new application or web based system.

If you have a specific set of requirements for your web application, then contact our professional team who can help you get the ball rolling.

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Development of a Superior Web Application, our Specialty.

Scalable, flexible, future proof, innovative and designed to save your business time, Money, and Resources, this is how we develop our web applications.

Our integrative and consultative process means our staff will quickly understand your business processes and then provide streamlined features to improve these processes.

The Future of Business is in Web Applications.

More and more software based businesses are moving to easy to use and implement web software applications.

To name a few: Xero, VendHQ, Google Products, SEO Moz, and many more.

These web based software applications are taking over the world of desktop based software. Soon everything will be in the cloud system and activated through the web.

Our web application development services aims to provide our clients with total future and present ownership, control and resource savings.

Languages used in our Web Applications.

Our team is fluent in a number of web languages that we use to develop business tools and applications.


These languages are based on mostly Open Source protocols which means that any application we develop using these languages is flexible, adjustable at any point and future proof to bolt on new functions at a moment’s notice.

Magento2 Extension Development

Magento2 Extension Development for Bespoke Magento2 Website Functionality.
Extension Developers With Years of Experience.

Our Magento2 web developers are very well versed with Magento's Zend PHP framework. Our team have been working with Magento2 since the early beta stages in which Varien (now Magento2 eCommerce) started developing the platform.

We use agile methodologies to develop all our extensions and custom software bolt-ons for Magento2 eCommerce. This ensures our extensions are future-proofed against change and version upgrades.

We have developed extensions for shipping and freight, accounting, ERP and advanced product data flows. We are able to work with any external system that has an API or web services connection.

Magento2 Extension Development Techniques.

Our methods and techniques have been developed over the last 4 years working with Magento2 eCommerce where we have honed our techniques and skills for developing powerful, integrated and feature rich eCommerce stores.

All our Magento2 developers are senior web developers and each one has more than 5 years experience working in the eCommerce industry.

We use agile methods and techniques to ensure our Magento2 extension development is optimised for future enhancements.

Quality Magento2 Extension Development

Quality, security and robustness are all major factors which help our extensions achieve success for our clients.

As developers of the Magento2 platform, we know the quality of Magento2 extensions can vary in quality and support. We aim to develop our extensions to a high level using consistent code and standardisation.

This ensures all our produced extensions showcase a high quality standard and benefit our customers long term.

Why choose Mediacore to Develop your Magento2 Extension?
  • Mediacore deploy high quality PHP code in our Magento2 extensions.
  • Our expert Magento2 developers deal with you face to face.
  • All our services are focused on making your extension a success.
  • Our team will provide professional eCommerce guidance and advice.
  • Mediacore will provide ongoing support to you as our preferred customer.

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