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1. eCommerce Website Design - Magento2

Powerful Results with Strategic eCommerce Design.

eCommerce websites are a lot more complex than ordinary business websites. Larger time investment is required to structure and design an eCommerce website, with many different avenues to consider including content, navigation, search engine optimisation, conversion optimisation, and the professional display of your products.

We design our customer’s eCommerce websites strategically to enhance buying strengths and eliminate any consumer negatives. We create designs that present information and products to the customer in a simple yet effective manner which helps them to make an informed decision to buy.

To target specific types of customers we also focus our designs on generating repeat business. Whether your eCommerce focus is B2B or B2C, we can design a great looking website that fuels the buying process for your online shop.

User Friendly eCommerce Website Design.

If you think your eCommerce website is hard to navigate and not friendly to your eyes then just imagine what your customers think?

Usability and user friendly design is a very important aspect with eCommerce website design. It can mean the difference between whether you are able to sell your product efficiently or not at all.

We use easy navigation methods for users to find products on your site and design our websites using aesthetically pleasing colour schemes and themes, to ensure your customers have a pleasant experience all the way to the checkout.

Search Optimisation with eCommerce Design.

eCommerce websites need web traffic to make sales and that comes primarily from search engines.

Using Google and other search engines guidelines, plus our years of experience, we design our eCommerce websites to be 100% search engine friendly and with the correct on page structure that enables search engine robots to quickly crawl your site.

This means that your site will get indexed into search results easily and ensures the best ranking possible.

Conversion Optimisation for eCommerce Website Design.

The science of eCommerce conversion starts even before we start designing your eCommerce website. We evaluate your product and use our experience to build credibility around your product in the design of our websites.

Using testimonials, product warranties/guarantee’s, and on page calls to action to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’, we will ensure everything is done to motivate your customers to make a purchase.

2. Business Website Design - Joomla

Usability and Customer Friendly Website Design.

Our Business Website Design services are focused on making sure that your website is easy to navigate and your potential clients find what they are looking for quickly and with the  minimal number of clicks.

What makes a website easy to navigate and what appeals to your visitors, are just some of the questions and challenges we will overcome with our expert design services on your business website.

Conversion Optimisation in Business Website Design.

  • How do you convert more visitors into paying customers?
  • How do you secure more customer leads into your sales database?

We tackle all these challenges and more during our business website design process, where we effectively evaluate your objectives and produce website designs that match your marketing strategies.

3.Web Application Design – PHP/MySQL

Web Application Design is an essential element to a successful product.

Successful Web Applications start with a strategic plan centered around a specific function. Once this has been laid out the real essence is created in the design and usability of the Web Application as a whole. Design is about making these tasks as user friendly and accessible as possible. For this we use the latest design technology and techniques such as responsive design for cross platform multi device compatibility.

Visitor Friendly Web Application Design.

Our team strives to provide easy to use designs and functionality that won’t make your users think – “How do I use that?”

Ensuring each objective in our web applications is easy to navigate to and foundationally simple to operate is what makes our web application products stand out from the rest.

Usability, Best Practices and Correct Optimisation for the Majority.

Understanding how a user will get from point A, to point B is what usability is all about. It also entails minimizing the amount of clicks or work required by the user to perform an action.

Not only desktop and laptop based but now also Smart Devices are taking our industry to the next level with applications required to be smart device friendly or even optimised into a downloadable smart application.

iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows 7 for Phones is now becoming the major game changer in the web application industry.


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