Advantages of Magento2

Here are the Advantages of using Magento-2  
  • It's scalability and enhanced performance


  • It is Responsive and search engine friendly – Magento 2’s responsive front end makes it easy to browse on all devices and enhances the user experience


  • Streamlined check out – the check out process has become easier and faster for customers


  • Easier extension updating – Installing new extensions and modules has become simpler


  • Ajax add-to-cart – Thanks to Ajax add -to –cart the new system doesn’t have to reload the entire page when a new item is added to the cart, which enhances the user experience


  • Navigation has been simplified and modernised


  • Dashboard – in the new system you can find the most important information in one place.


  • Platform compatibility – Magento 2 supports advanced Technologies such as CSS3, HTML5 and of course MySQL


  • Hardware requirements – Magento 2 has lower hardware requirements to ensure the same level of performance


  • More efficient testing – The built in testing framework makes running automated tests on any Magento site regardless of size, easy

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