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Online credit card payments. Online credit card payments.
DPS or Payment Express as they are more commonly known are a professional and high end payment gateway provider. Leading NZ and internationally with their robust and highly secure transaction services, DPS provide our eCommerce clients peace of mind and total security. We have been implementing DPS for over 4 years using Magentoa eCommerce and in various other development instances. Support for our work from DPS has been outstanding and their customer service has been a testimony to the service they supply.

DPS Payment Express


DPS is a high growth, innovative global leader in payment technology. Providing PCI DSS compliant payment solutions under the Payment Express brand, DPS are certified with all major card schemes. Providing full blown eCommerce end to end platforms and online transaction gateways.

DPS PXPAY transactions DPS PxPay

DPS PxPay is the method used to allow transactions through most popular eCommerce websites or applications. The setup includes transferring the customer to a secure payment page hosted and secured by DPS.

Once the transaction has been completed the customer is automatically returned to your website or application.

We can also do some customisation work to the payment page using CSS and HTML to provide more of a branded experience.

DPS Hosted Payments - Vodafone Example DPS Hosted Payments

DPS Hosted payments are essentially the opposite to a PxPay setup, the transaction page is hosted on the customers eCommerce site or application and is integrated into the checkout page process.

The biggest issue this creates is the need to do further PCI Compliant certification, it also increases the risk the merchant takes when the customer is entering their credit card details directly on site.

We recommend PXPay to most SME and Medium businesses as it gives maximum security and with minimal risk to the merchant and customer.

DPS Manual transactions DPS Manual Transactions

DPS Manual transactions allows our merchants to complete custom manual transactions using their customers credit card details. This provides more options for more unique requirements on the merchants side.

It is not a completely 100% recommended process as the customer is effectively trusting you with their credit card details.

DPS Manual transaction system is completely secure and they provide this service as part of setting up your merchant account.

DPS Recurring Billing DPS Recurring Billing

DPS recurring billing is perfect for subscription based payments where you need to hold a customers credit card details securely to then bill them on a ongoing basis.

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