Magento2 eCommerce Supports iOS and Android Apps

Magento ecommerce iOS and Android. Magento ecommerce iOS and Android.
Put your products where your customers will see them, let your customers experience true mobile eCommerce with Magento2. Create branded native storefront apps on iPhone, iPad and Android that seamlessly integrate with your online store and give your customers the exprerience they deserve.

Magento2 has released its own Mobile app for all versions of Magento2 including Enterprise, Professional and Community Editions.

This means that now every Magento2 store has the cabability to cater to their customers needs and supply a great UI/UIX (user experience). For some Magento2 stores this has meant increased sales and revenue while others it has meant improved customer support and service.

As with any development and design project whether mobile or desktop based, the implementation and objectives of the project are what will make it a success for your online business.

Magento2 Also Allow Developers to Create iOS and Android Apps to Supply via iTunes and Google Play

Through Magento's App Development program, developers are able to custom create their own store apps using iOS or Android, this gives any store owner even greater flexibility to sell online.

Here are just some of the features possible with a custom developed app for Magento2.

  • Seamless Store Integration
  • Manage Multiple Devices
  • Hassle Free Submissions
  • Fully Customizable
  • Customer Engagement
  • Low Cost of Ownership


Integration with Magento2 eCommerce

  • Seamless integration with your current product catalog.
  • One admin panel for multiple devices.
  • Support for a wide range of checkout capabilities.
  • Native application for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

The Magento2 Mobile Admin Panel

  • Real-time customization including updates for promotions and merchandising
  • Installs directly into your existing Magento2 Admin panel
  • Multiple devices supported from one admin panel
  • Seamless integration with your existing catalog, CMS and store configurations
  • Cohesive content and order management capability across all online stores
  • Manage multiple store views from a single centralized interface
  • Integrate new mobile stores with an existing Magento2 store
  • Customize for distinct mobile use
  • Application submission process managed within the admin panel
  • Pre-integrated with Urban Airship airmail and push notification services (iPhone only)
  • Pre-integrated with Flurry Analytics tools to gain insight on application usage by end customer (iPhone only)
  • OS support – Support iOS 3.x version and Android 2.x version and above


Native iPhone App

  • Intuitive UI takes advantage of the device touch screen
  • Appealing user experience with optimized design utilizing native device features


Built to Perform

  • Image resizing for product list and category icons based on device supported resolution
  • Intuitive navigation of catalogs and menus
  • Enhanced caching scheme


Account Management Integration

  • Login
  • Address Book
  • New Account Registration
  • Purchase History


Real Time Product-Catalog Integration

  • Product images, titles and descriptions
  • Inventory / stock levels
  • Tell a friend
  • Layered navigation
  • Pricing (current, discounts, +/- tax amounts, etc.)
  • Reviews & ratings
  • Product Search
  • Simple & Configurable Products


Intuitive Application Interface

  • Consistency for users between eCommerce site and mobile application
  • Easy customization and branding of your mobile store
  • Robust shopping features including easy search and navigation capabilities
  • Control over the way content and images are displayed


Merchandising Tools

  • Implement themes and banners; promote sales and special offers
  • Display categories and sub-categories of products
  • Reviews and ratings
  • In-stock or out-of-stock notice


Checkout integration and payment applications


International Language Support

  • Support for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Japanese with more language/currency support to come


Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists

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