Struggling To Find the Right Words and Writing Website Content?

Professional copywriting for business and ecommerce websites. Professional copywriting for business and ecommerce websites.
We can help! MediaCore has the skills and experience to assist you with finding words that work. While pictures say a thousand words, the words you choose to promote your products and services, engage with your customers and the wider audience of potential customers packs a powerful punch. Great copy on your website will allow you to inform, engage, sell and rank in search engine results.

How does it work?

Optimised product descriptions, for example, mean that people searching online will be far more likely to find your products instead of your competitor’s, they will explain the benefits of the product, and encourage them to take the next step – purchase!

Professional direct response copywriting will give your website the benefits of:

  • A stand out, engaging headline and sub-headings to lead the reader to sections or products of interest
  • A content structure of simple, easy to read sentences and no more than six sentences per paragraph with strong call-to-actions
  • All content is written to answer the reader’s questions while educating and engaging
  • Copy that includes the benefits of features rather than just a list of features and the main benefit will be understood in 20 seconds or less
  • Irresistible and easy to understand offers that gives a sense of urgency to action
  • Compelling and relevant product reviews and testimonials
  • Copy that’s directed specifically to your target audience


Are you ready to get started with the right words on your website? We can organise professional copy for your website and e-Commerce product descriptions as well as help with your Social Media requirements. Contact the MediaCore team today!

Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists

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