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Website design simply put is the process of beautifiying and structuring web content on your website. Web design is used to structure the way imagery, text and content appear on a website, it is also used to direct visitors on a website to interact with specific funtions or end goals. All website design has a purpose, whether it be making your business look professional, modern and reputable to helping you sell products through a ecommerce website system.

Our team has the expertise to produce high quality web designs that are targetted to achieve your online objectives. We are specialists at creating ecommerce web designs that are effective at producing consistent web sales and making your products look enticing.

Through our effective web design process we will produce a design brief and speak with you face-to-face to find out what you wish to achieve with your website. Once we know what your website design objectives are we will then design your website to maximise the conversion of your visitors for those objectives. We can track these objectives with Google Analytics which we integrate in all our projects.

Our Website Design Process

At all times our web design process is open and you are kept involved and consulted with. We implement all the latest and greatest techniques for web design, these include WEB 2.0, website conversion pathways, attention grabbing animations, social media design and web friendly graphics. Click Here to talk to our team for your web design needs.

A professional custom web design promotes a professional unique business. We custom design websites to suit your company image, persona, values and online objectives. This is so your visitors can see the real business behind the website, this can help your customers make an informed decision to get in contact with you.

We design website's for dynamic and efficient content management, this style of web design enables you to grow your web content and overall website size.

User Friendly Website Design

We design websites to be simple to use, ("less is more") yet creative and exciting to grab the visitors attention. We incorporate website animations, slide-shows, image galleries and other interactive multimedia into a website design to immerse the customer in an enjoyable and persuasive experience.

To ensure your visitors keep coming back it's important a website design is easy to navigate with enhanced usability and intelligent visual aids. That means natural website navigation with minimal clicks-to-info, it is very important that your information and your point of difference is received and reached with ease on your website.

Website Design and Content

A website design is all about content, so to make sure the right message is received by visitors we design our websites to deliver content in methods which enable a smooth user experience. To persuade and engage your customer is the objective, and ultimately to persuade them into taking action, creating a real website sales lead or online purchase.

Types of Website Design

  • Custom Website Design
  • Ecommerce Website Design
  • CMS (Content Management System) Design
  • Business Website Design
  • Web Application Design



Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists

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