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Responsive website designs for EscapeHaven Responsive website designs for EscapeHaven
Previously known as Surf Haven, Escape Haven is the new and improved brand and business run by Janine Hall. Janine approached our team to redevelop and design her website onto Joomla to give her the freedom and ownership that her existing proprietary software website did not. We worked with Janine to evaluate her objectives and where she wanted to take her business with her new brand. After reviewing her existing site we confirmed that she needed a clean, modern and professional look with clear pathways to convert customers who wanted to book online. We also quickly recognised the need for mobile responsive website design as her target demographic are heavy users of smart phones and smart tablet devices.

The Scope and Project

Janine met with our team to discuss moving her website from existing providers as support was lacking and her site had started becoming more hassle to work with than it was worth.

We immediately knew Joomla would be the perfect fit for her business as Joomla 3.0 had just launched with its 100% responsive bootstrap framework for front and back end interfaces.

Surf Haven Bali's (which has now evolved to Escape Haven) demographic of female business / corporate executives fit perfectly into the smart phone / mobile user category. We knew a mobile responsive website design would deliver an impressive experience for Escape Haven's customers and extend the websites life span.

We developed custom online booking forms for the site to allow customers to book online at any one of Escape Haven's retreat locations.

We worked on the user flow and conversion pathways to ensure the customers were able to easily navigate and reach the end goal (booking online) quickly.

We also optimised the site for Janine's Search Engine Optimisation strategy and worked with her SEO specialist Karen to ensure all best practise measures were in place and that we had provided a strong content structure to target specific keyword phrases.

Janine was extremely happy with the results we achieved for her and is actively pushing the new site through her marketing channels.

To check out the new Escape Haven Mobile Responsive website click here:


Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists

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