First Security - Mobile Responsive Website Design Launched

First Security has become one of our first major clients to get a brand new website designed and developed on Joomla 3.0. We worked with the First Security team to produce a mobile responsive and optimised website design on the new Joomla Bootstrap framework. The end result has been exceptional and First Security are impressed with the feedback they are getting from visitors using mobile devices.

The Scope and the Project.

First Security met with our team last year to get advice and guidance on upgrading their website to Joomla and providing a new and modern look for their business website.

We first went through an objective analysis with First Security to find out what they wanted to achieve and where their current site was letting them down.

After this process it is was evident the main objective of the site was to attract new business and provide easy means for customers to request proposals or quotes for security services through the website.

The secondary objective was to allow new employee's to apply for listed jobs via trademe and access information relating to job opportunities.

In conjunction with these two objectives we then recommended our team create a mobile responsive design, this was targetted at enhancing the experience new customers would have browsing the site using iPhone's, iPad's and Android Smart devices.

It would also give them a competitive edge and increase the life time of their website to allow for more mobile development in the future.

First Security's Website was launched in the last week of March Click this link to visit:


Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists

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