A Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimisation by Moz

Search Engine Optimisation by Moz Search Engine Optimisation by Moz
Search engine optimisation is a topic often discussed by digital agencies and website designers, but few do really understand the various aspects to SEO. We find that alot of our customers talk to us about SEO, but most struggle to understand what it is, why they need it and why it costs so much. For the first part of this blog we want to quickly address what Search Engine Optimisation means and is.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is the practice of improving and marketing a website to increase the amount of traffic the website receives from search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are a number of different aspects and techniques to SEO, from the content and words / images on your page to how many other websites link to your site. The majority of the time SEO is as simple as ensuring your website is structured to the format that search engines require.

Search engine optimisation is not all about just Google, Bing and Yahoo and what they want, it is also about improving your website for your visitors too. Our team here at MediaCore believe just like the good people at Moz that you need to cater to both 'search engines' and 'visitors'.

Together with Moz a leading SEO service we want to help you by providing information on how to do search optimisation or at the very least understand the value in it.

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Got a Joomla Website that Need's Search Optimisation?

Our team has been working with Joomla for over 7+ years and have learnt how to ensure that any site we develop is 100% search engine friendly. Search engine friendly means the process of structuring and optimising your website for search engines to easily read your website.

We have built many Joomla websites that rank very well for their keywords, this is due to the structures we implement and the good understanding we have of how search engines index your website.

We then back this all up with our specialist SEO team who will help you target the right keywords to start building the highest quality traffic to your website.

Got a Magento2 Website that Need's Search Optimisation?

Using Magento2 is easy and it comes with many fantastic search optimisation features, but do you really have the time to learn it all? Our team can help you get a great search optimisation campaign running that will improve your organic search traffic and optimise for the keywords that your customers are using to find your products.

We use a specialist team to audit, optimise and finally promote with SEO your Magento2 store. This team come highly recommended and provide all the necessary education and services which means you can focus on your business and shipping the sales out.

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