Worried About Duplicate Website Content Penalties?

Having duplicate content on your Magento2 website is something that any internet marketing professional will tell you is a big no no. Not just due to the fact it will hurt your rankings in Google's search index, but also because your visitors don't want to see repeated content either. In this blog post we have embedded a youtube clip direct from Matt Cutt's, who is the head of webSpam on Google's search engine.

Ever wondered if that article you posted in two different categories on your website is going to get you penalised in Googles search index?

We often get asked this question by many of our clients, and it is a serious issue especially when you are trying to get your site content ranked highly in Google.

Ensuring you don't have any duplicate content on your website to start with is a good idea, however sometimes you will find that some CMS systems can create duplicate pages because of their dynamic content generation system. Separate links to the same page can result in two indexed pages which are duplicates, this will hurt the rankings of the primary page.

Get your answers to these questions and more by watching this video below from Matt Cutts.

Written by Ben Davis - MediaCore - The Web Specialists


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