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Website design simply put is the process of beautifiying and structuring web content on your website. Web design is used to structure the way imagery, text and content appear on a website, it is also used to direct visitors on a website to interact with specific funtions or end goals. All website design has a purpose, whether it be making your business look professional, modern and reputable to helping you sell products through a ecommerce website system.

How to Optimise your Website for Best Results

The conversion rate of a website is defined by the ratio of visitors who take a desired action based on direct persuasion from the marketer or promoter. Successful website conversions can be interpreted differently depending on the objective which could be for the user to reach a certain page, submit a website form, make contact or complete an online purchase.

Magento2 eCommerce Supports iOS and Android Apps

Put your products where your customers will see them, let your customers experience true mobile eCommerce with Magento2. Create branded native storefront apps on iPhone, iPad and Android that seamlessly integrate with your online store and give your customers the exprerience they deserve.

DPS - Payment Express Credit Card Gateway

DPS or Payment Express as they are more commonly known are a professional and high end payment gateway provider. Leading NZ and internationally with their robust and highly secure transaction services, DPS provide our eCommerce clients peace of mind and total security. We have been implementing DPS for over 4 years using Magentoa eCommerce and in various other development instances. Support for our work from DPS has been outstanding and their customer service has been a testimony to the service they supply.
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